Life is but a dream...

We sleep approximately one-third of our lives...dream about one-sixth of our lives. Everyone dreams, whether or not they are aware of them.

exercise your brain...Dreams relate important messages to us during sleep, creating opportunities to better understand our motives and actions.

Project Description

Many dreams, especially dreams of anxiety, nightmares, and recurring dreams, are intrapersonal messages of unfinished business, often based on fears in which we have refused to acknowledge at a conscious level. The project is presented in two parts:

I. Internet publication on dream imagery and awareness.

II. Written treatise describing the history and theories of dreaming, the importance of dreamwork, and a summary of new research.

Understanding Dreams

Perspectives From the Ancients Through Modern Times Gail Bixler-Thomas November 1998 Dreams have influenced mighty kings, given insights to world-changing scientists and inspired gifted artists. The importance and power of dreams are well established. From the temples of antiquity to the sleep labs of modern days, humans have tried to understand, explain and apply them.